Saturday, February 5, 2011

my favorite car

Just figured I would put up some pictures of one of the coolest cars ever made. The AutoUnion D type.


  1. Today, each part of the Auto Union type D's engine is a collector's item. So, if you have one, you better keep it or consider selling it. :) I really like the classic metal finish on the body!

    Brittanie Holderness

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  3. Ahhh...The people's car. :) The Auto Union type D is very beautiful. If I'm not mistaken this was the enlarged to produce 370 bhp in 1935. The European Mountain Champion, Stuck, who won the German, Swiss, and Czechoslovakian events, rode this car.

    Ernest Houston

  4. The AutoUnion D type is the one used on the older Grand Prix racing competitions. It is well known for its power and acceleration. Well, most of my car enthusiast friends have their own AutoUnion D type diecast model.

    Kyle Schmidt