Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The GasBox and 2013

Even though we've been off the blog radar, doesn't mean we haven't been working hard.  Ok, I admit it, I have been slacking on the blog, but now that I'm finally here full-time at the shop, I will be on top of it.  I haven't been slacking on everything though, I have been pimping out The GasBox motorcycles:
1) 1965 BSA is at the National Packard Museum until May in Warren Ohio
2) 1976 Sportster is at The Milk Bar until March in Columbus Ohio
3) 1940 741 Indian Military Scout will be back at the National Packard Museum by February
4)  We have our Ebay store up and running.  Check it out at:  http://stores.ebay.com/The-GasBox

We just got back from New York City for the Progressive International Motorcycle show.  We came in 3rd place in the Freestyle Class with our 1940 741 Indian Military Scout.  The Indian has been getting love on both coasts (2nd place at Quail 2012).  There were about 15 bikes in our class, all completely different from ours.  It always boggles my mind on how to judge different motorcycles in the same class... I mean come on, a chopper vs a custom Indian?????

We met a ton of people and fans and received a lot of positive feedback.  We handed out over 1000 business cards in just 3 days.  We were told that 100,000 people came through the IMS doors this weekend.  Fucking Crazy!  I accomplished what I wanted to, EXPOSURE!!!! Plus we met some cool builders.

So now it's time to get back to work.  We will be working on our regular load of service work and engine rebuild's, along with 6 customer complete builds so far this year:
1) 1983 Sportster - custom chopper
2) 1963 BMW R60/2 - restoration
3) 1981 BMW - custom
4) 1946 Knucklehead - chopper
5) AEE's Shovelhead from 1970 - Recreation
6) 1947 Indian Chief - restoration
That's just a small preview of what is to come this year.  I will be updating regularly with events and pictures.

Also, a huge announcement will be made in the next two weeks.  This announcement will change the motorcycle world in Ohio....

until next time - kris

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